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Science of Holistic and Natural Beauty!

  • Blue Onyx - Smart. Efficient. Portable.

    TAMA's Blue Onyx Smart Microcurrent System is ideal for practitioners who need a lot of sophistication in an easy-to-use device.
  • Treatment customization made easy.

    You can create customized treatment profiles for each of your clients by using TAMA's Client Profile Software that is included with a touch screen tablet computer.
  • Elegance in Engineering

    Beauty gets a lift from Biomedical Engieering! Packaged just right for the forward thinking professional who needs the best performance at the right price.
  • We offer educational classes

    TAMA offers the most in-depth scientific and hands-on training courses in the industry.
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"Any engineer can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction. Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler."

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

Albert Einstein

Long-term Benefits

fontaine feature-2Your clients will see immediate results after the first session, but what will keep them coming back to you is the long-term improvement they see - the more they come to you, the better they look!

Time Saving

fontaine feature-3TAMA's Blue Onyx provides a full facial treatment in less than 20 minutes!
This means you can have happy customers with busy schedules stop by your spa during lunch hour, and still have time to grab lunch before going back to work!

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TAMA Patent is Approved by the USPTO!

We are pleased to announce that our patent has been approved by the USPTO. We believe innovation with the right intention produces results that benefit mankind. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated – together we can build a better world! Here is to all those who value health and beauty equally.

Osmosis Skincare Endorses TAMA Microcurrent



Recent testing indicates that TAMA Microcurrent enhances Osmosis product performance.

Using TAMA's proprietary Multi-Mode Waveform technology reduces the treatment time and produces longer lasting effects.

My client has had 9 treatments and she looks amazing! She wasn't wearing makeup today and I thought she was. Wow! 


Liz Black, L.E. & Owner
Pur Aesthetics


Exclusive Members Area 

We will be adding "members only" pages to our website in May. TAMA owners will be able to log in using their product serial number, and have access to a series of informational and training materials. Please check back again and enjoy your membership benefits!

Welcome to TAMA Research, Where Technology Meets Beauty

Nestled at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve in north central Phoenix lies a beautiful resort, where TAMA Research Corporation is located. Known for its serene and refreshing atmosphere, we picked this location as our headquarters to represent the essence of our mission: beauty should be completely natural. 

We believe that TAMA’s Microcurrent facial treatment is sufficient by itself, without the need for chemical- or toxin-based injections and/or invasive methods. Come join us as part of the movement toward natural beauty, where the highest priority is placed on health.