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TAMA’s Unique Technology


What sets Blue Onyx apart is its patented Shambayati MetaWave™ (M²W) technology. The intelligent circuitry at the heart of TAMA’s device measures each person’s unique tissue composition and adapts the stimulation parameters to optimize the treatment at specific depths of the face.

Elegance in Design

TAMA introduces the Blue Onyx, an elegant design that combines unprecedented performance with ease of use!

Through extensive Research and Development, TAMA’s Biomedical engineers developed a sophisticated treatment protocol with the most effective stimulation modality for every part of the face. This protocol was then complemented with an intuitive software that resides on a tablet computer. A Bluetooth link allows the computer to control the stimulation steps, without any wires tying you to the base station. This means you can put the Blue Onyx in your pocket and easily move around.

Finally, a smart treatment system that allows you to be mindful of what really deserves your attention… your client!