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Tammy Sigourney Nash

I have a client that used Obagi for 14 years… her husband sells it in his dental practice. She was a waxing client only until she saw before/after photos of TAMA combined with Osmosis in my lobby. I could never get her in for a treatment til then. I made a deal with her. I explained why the combo of the two delivered amazing results and how Osmosis delivered permanent change and long lasting results. I thoroughly trained her (without being pushy or offensive to Obagi, the line she loved) about what was truly happening when she thought she was seeing immediate results. She grasped it very well. I convinced her to bring me all of her Obagi and Clarisonic that she was using 4 times a week. I asked her to trust me. If she did not see results immediately with my prescription for her (TAMA/OSMOSIS COMBO) i would fully refund her money. She agreed. That was a year ago and i still have her products in my drawer.


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