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Blue Onyx Smart Microcurrent System™ features:

  • Made in USA
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Wireless
  • Customizable Profiles
  • Touch Screen Tablet
  • Virtual Trainer
  • Three Hours of Video and Virtual Training
  • hands-on training at TAMA headquarters
  • 3-Year Warranty

TAMA Blue Onyx Treatment System™

TAMA Research has created the world’s easiest, most effective Microcurrent system to help busy professionals gain mastery of this modality in the shortest possible time and achieving phenomenal results. Our unique platform is comprised of the Blue Onyx™ device, employing the patented Shambayati MetaWave (M²W)™ methodology. Blue Onyx communicates with a touch screen tablet wirelessly, executing the Client Profile treatment plan that is uniquely designed for every client. An easy graphical user interface allows the practitioner to modify the treatment profile for each client, as needed. The touch screen tablet is capable of storing over 100,000 individual profiles.

Virtual Trainer™ is an integral part of our Smart training system. A series of interactive videos act as a live trainer built right into your system, showing you a step-by-step treatment procedure.

The Blue Onyx is considered the heart of TAMA’s technology, delivering a superb treatment that is guided by a Virtual Assistant™ running on a touch screen tablet.

TAMA’s Blue Onyx delivers unparalleled results (full facial) in only 20 minutes.

High-tech, durable and ergonomic construction allows for ease of operation wireless connectivity to TAMA’s tablet computer – no tangled wires as you freely move around the client!

Tablet computer (included) offers:

  • Easy client profile customization
  • Great training and support
  • Live, real-time online training by TAMA’s certified personnel
  • Built-in Virtual Trainer results in the fastest learning curve to educate yourself and your staff
  • Short- and long-term treatment methodologies to deliver the best results
  • Portable, easy set-up, and easy to learn
  • 3 years limited warranty on Blue Onyx and Blue Onyx Plus, and the Blue Onyx Quad Mode Quad Pro
  • 3 months warranty on the probes and leads
  • Tablet warranty terms vary by manufacturer – we use top brand Windows tablets.
  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! (-10% restocking fee applies)
  • Designed, manufactured, and quality-controlled in the USA

Blue Onyx™

Blue Onyx Plus™

Blue Onyx Quad Mode Quad Pro™