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Virtual Assistance App

Touch Screen Client Profile App

Every unit comes pre-programmed with TAMA’s unique protocol. All you have to do is start the program and work on the client without any interruption. As the program guides you through the treatment sequence, it automatically applies the optimum stimulation modality.

The strength of this powerful tool lies in its ability to remotely control the modality for specific parts of the face. The computer is pre-configured with TAMA’s suggested profile, which is suited for most users. The program can easily be customized to meet your client’s needs.

Virtual Trainer

First time ever – another innovative idea by TAMA Research!

TAMA empowers you to educate yourself with the most effective methodology in facial treatment. This is the only product on the market that offers an integrated video player, showing exactly how to treat every part of the face.

Our video demonstration is embedded in the actual treatment software: select any area of the face and watch its corresponding video, then proceed with the treatment – the computer has already set up the correct modality and the current intensity on the Blue Onyx! Got questions? Uncertain about a particular movement? Finding the answer has never been easier…