• Thank you TAMA for this amazing system. Our clients are very impressed,
    but I am the happiest to able to change my clients skin without any harsh procedure.

    Valeria Siko
    Owner | Esthetician at Valeria Clinical Skin Care

  • Amazing product – I love my TAMA and can highly recommend it!
    It changed my business.

    Corinna Joy Kavanagh
    Owner / Esthetician/ Massage Therapist
    at Body Celebration Holistic Skincare & Wellness

  • In just a couple of months, TAMA transformed my business.
    My clients love the treatments. Customer service is outstanding.
    Everyone is so accessible and the training and information are comprehensive.

    Suanne Kimmel
    Owner / Esthetician at Eco Skin Pro

  • TAMA BlueOnyx has changed my business for the better.
    My clients are amazed and continually asking this treatment.
    I am so lucky to have added this to my service.

    Carrie Flournoy
    Owner / Esthetician at Skincare By Carrie

  • TAMA has been a great addition to my business!
    It has helped me grow and serve my clients in a truly holistic way! Thank you TAMA!!

    Diane Mack
    Owner / Esthetician at Esthetics By Caris

  • The generous education offered by the OWNER is amazing! The equipment is unbelievable and quite “ahead” of our time!

    Elizabeth Alice Pirnat
    Owner / Esthetician / Stylist / MakeUp Artist at Elegant Images